Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Hi everyone! Here we are at the last month of the year. Incredible how fast 12 months goes by! For our last Three Way series post, where we show you creative ways to use and stretch your stash, for the year 2017 ... I wanted to share with you an Anthropologie Ad that I was inspired by. I loved the different ways they matted the photos and thought this would translate well to scrapbooking.

Here's part of the AD from Anthropologie that made it's way into my inbox:

I took the awesome inspiration from the Ad, and scrapped one photo 3 different ways with fresh photo mat ideas. Take a look:

1. The first example has a strip of solid paper under the photo and as a photo corner at the top. It uses white space to make everything pop. A small typewriter font is used for a title or details about the photo. And finally a little bit of word art is placed right over the photo as a way to add more text details about the photo. Here's how my first photo mat magic page turned out:

2. The second example uses three different color blocks as the photo mat. I love this because I am one who almost always uses a white border around my photos, so this idea gave me an opportunity to push myself to use color. I kept the striped color blocking look for my page, but it would also look good if the photo mat was done in different shapes - say triangles maybe? And I really love the idea of adding text details in two colors with a little arrow between them. Fresh and fun! Here's my page:

3. The third example uses a piece of diagonal striped paper with some torn edges. To make my own, I used a torn piece of paper from the Make a Change collab. I selected it (marching ants around it), aded a new layer, and on the new layer, I filled the torn paper selection with a white fill. I then drew a rectangle to the full size I wanted the diagonal striped paper photo mat to be and filled that with white. I placed both layers so that they lined up nicely and then I merged these two layers creating a custom made photo mat with a nice torn edge near the bottom. I clipped some striped paper to it. I used a handwritten font and applied a distressed stamp look style to it for the title. I finished off the look with a tiny stamp detail. Here's my final page:

What do you think? Did Anthropologie deliver some awesome photo mat magic or what? I had so much fun trying these ideas on my pages. So don't forget to eye up your inbox contents for possible scrapbooking inspiration before you hit delete. You never know what may inspire your next page.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017


Hi all!

This is Annemieke for this month's Hybrid on the Pink Reptile Designs blog
Last year I visited a blog of a very talented and inspiring Dutch girl, who wrote a blog about making your own personalized tea lights. I fell in love immediately and have made them as a gift to friends. Since her blog is offline, I decided to make my own tutorial to tell you how to make them.
Maybe you can make your own and wrap them up as a Christmas gift...

I have one very important note; I have never had problems burning the tea lights, but since the bottom is of paper it's only safe to burn them when you are next to them, please, never leave them unattended to prevent burn damage

To start making your own tea lights download the template HERE
pink reptile designs blog

I used some Pink Reptile elements to fill the circles of the template, you can also add some text, like I did
I added some Christmas text to the template as a gift for you

Now, let's get started!
What you need:

- template
- scissor
- tea lights
- toothpick

Fill up your template with elements or text of your own choice and print it out, ofcourse, I used some my favorite Pink Reptile Designs elements

If you are ready filling the template, print it out on A4 format, this way the circles will fill the tea light perfectly
Cut them out

Now, prepare the tea lights. It's important to buy tea lights like shown on the picture below, you have to be able to pick out the metal circle with the candlewick

Take your paper cuts and make a hole in the middle with the toothpick

Turn the toothpick slightly around to make the hole a bit bigger. This way it will be easier to put them over the candlewick

Slightly put back the candlewax and place them back in the tea light, now they are ready to burn...

After 45 minutes, the wax is all melted and transparent, this is what you will see

You can add some washi tape to the sides to make them more special

Make your own collection and put them in a jar to give to a friend, succes guaranteed

Hope you liked it! Wishing you lots of fun making your own!

Friday, 1 December 2017


The year has flown by so quickly!
We are in December now and while it is time for celebrating the holidays with our loved ones, family and friends, daily life still goes on. Our regular routines of getting up and going to work or school...

Bearing that in mind, along with the fabulous December color palette, I have created Good Morning Sunshine. Three packs that are focussed on breakfast because a good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for whatever the day might bring!

They will also be perfect for the upcoming January Month of Challenges - MOC6 and they are on sale through Sunday Dec. 3 at 20% off. [If you are a Newsletter Subscriber check the newsletter for the bundle discount!]

 page by diane
page by cynthiapage by diane
page by courtney

The cutest pack of no less than 50 unique elements in all kind of shapes, sizes, textures and styles [64 in total]. The perfect set to scrap some unique breakfast routine pages!


A great set of 11 super cute patterned papers, 11 alternate color combinations PLUS 11 beautifully textured matching solids. Which makes this a fantastic pack of 33 papers in total!!


A super cute small button/brad alpha with great stripey texture and dimension! Guaranteed to add that extra little oomph to your pages! Perfect for eye catching titles and cute as tiny monograms. Includes: upper case letters, numbers and a bit of  punctuation - 42 characters in total, in 4 easy to use colors, all seperate .png's.


page by ellen
by monicaby jan
page by barbara

page by susanne

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and Happy Scrappin'!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


We had so much fun with our October Round Robin challenge and SO many beautiful pages were created that we decided to give them all a spotlight here on the blog.

Because there's so many pages we had to size them down quite a bit. Each page is linked to the Lilypad gallery though where you can study them in detail and... even better, to pass on some love, we all get a kick out of someone else admiring our work! Or you can admire them in the October Challenge Albun on Facebook here.

pink reptile designs blog
pink reptile designs blog
pink reptile designs blog
patsy elaine marilyn
pink reptile designs blog
pink reptile designs blog
pink reptile designs blog

timmi rebekah kimberly
pink reptile designs blog
pink reptile designs blog
pink reptile designs blog
bev ruth ann amanda
pink reptile designs blog
pink reptile designs blog
pink reptile designs blog
kairyn courtney elisa
pink reptile designs blog
pink reptile designs blog
pink reptile designs blog
carina electra jagruti
pink reptile designs blog
pink reptile designs blog
pink reptile designs blog
jang kate julie
pink reptile designs blog
pink reptile designs blog
pink reptile designs blog
michele hillam michele pixels cindy

Thanks again to all the artists that took part in this super fun and wonderful challenge. You all ROCK!